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Three Tips for Finding Affordable Car Insurance

When it comes to finding car insurance coverage, most drivers have one thing in mind: they want affordable auto insurance that won’t drain their pockets or break the bank. However, even a quick search for car insurance prices will show that finding budget-friendly coverage is no easy task. After awhile, all of the high car insurance estimates will likely make you start to wonder if there is something you’re missing. Are you supposed to haggle with the insurance agent? Are you making mistakes in your search? The answers may be simpler than you think. Read on to learn som

3 Things You Ought to Know About Renters Insurance

If you own your own home, you probably consider home insurance to be just as important as health insurance or auto insurance. But did you know that there’s home insurance for renters, as well? Insurance for apartment renters, which is offered by most home insurance providers, can cover a number of vitally important areas of a tenant’s life — that’s why some landlords even include a clause in the lease that requi