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What’s the Most Important Thing to Do When You Start a Dog Walking Business? Cover Your Tail!

Do you love animals? Love the out doors? Looking to merge those loves and make a living? Dog walking seems a natural fit, and there?s so many ways to go about it. You can list your services online, get referrals from friends, hang posters at dog parks? but what happens if one of the dogs you?re walking gets hurt? Or bites someone? Dog walking insurance has you covered. The United States Is The Most Dog Loving-est Country! With a total of 403,760 dogs registered in the U.S.A., no other country loves dogs as much as we do. More than half (63%) of all homes in the U.S. include at least one pet. California has more than 52,000 registered dogs, making it the most popular state in the nation for dogs and their owners, while Texas and Florida each have over 31,000 and more than 23,000, respectively, making them the second and third largest owners of dogs. And when it comes to breeds, there are almost 61,000 Labrador Retrievers in the U.S., making it the most popular breed of dog in the country. Coming in at second most popular is the Chihuahua, with more than 42,000 registered. The third most popular