Detox centers and detox doctors are the first steps to battling addictions and finding a path to wellness. These medical facilities and professionals aren’t cheap, and paying these medical expenses isn’t possible for most people. However, your health insurance might help cover part of your detox or rapid detox procedures.

Health insurance helps you pay for any medical procedure and treatment. Detox procedures aren’t usual in health insurance, but they offer full coverage for detox medical services.

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However, rapid detox services don’t apply for health insurance coverage, as they don’t seem to meet their health standards. If you want a detox service, use your health insurance to cover most expenses. However, if you want a rapid detox, you’ll have to pay for it without using your health insurance. Rapid detox is a new medical procedure which explains why most medical insurance companies don’t offer coverage.

Detox treatment is a crucial part of every addiction recovery program. Don’t hesitate to find help to overcome your addiction and try new detox treatments that might be useful. Call your insurance company for more information about rapid detox treatments and medical insurance coverage.


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