Whether you’ve caused a car accident or you’ve been on the receiving end of one, knowing how to cover expenses related to the accident such as car damage and personal injuries can require consulting with an expert like a car accident lawyer. According to the video listed above, some car accident attorneys would recommend taking specific actions as soon as you notice you’ve been in an accident. When an accident happens, the claims process can get started through two methods. The driver who caused the accident can report it to the insurance company or you and your legal representative can file a claim.

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When extensive damage happens to the other party’s car, they may race to report it to their insurance company and file a claim for fear of the cost of the damage or being sued by you.

Regardless of who reports the accident to their insurance and files a claim, necessary information such as the date the accident occurred, the insurer’s policy number, and an accurate description of what happened in the accident are all things you should have handy when you’re ready to make a claim. Once a claim has been filed, the insurance company can start an investigation. To get paid, there will need to be active coverage on the driver’s side.

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