Being arrested is never goods news, but there are options to prevent defendants from being locked up for the entirety of the trial period. Bail allows the defendant to be released and live normally while the trial is in process. Bail is a collateral held to help ensure the defendant will attend trial, and afterwards the money will be returned.

In order to post bail you will need cash, but you might also possibly need a friend or relative or collateral. You will have a hearing before a judge that sets the bail amount.

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The bail amount is the amount you need to pay the court to be released from jail. If you cannot afford the amount, you can ask a relative or contact a bail bondsman. The bondsman will typically charge you 10% of the bail. They also might require you to put up some type of collateral, like jewelry or property.

After you submit your mail, you will be notified of a court date for your trial. Do not miss this because you will lose your bail money and a warrant will be out for your arrest.


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