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Don’t make false insurance claims out of your hilarious story

You just had a car accident with a cow. You were driving down the road when all of a sudden the cow jumped out of nowhere and attacked your car. It’s going to sound a lot like one of those false insurance claims. Imagine what you will answer when they ask what the other claimant said. “Um, moo, I think.” File that one in the annals of funny insurance claims. Try keeping a straight face for some of these legitimate yet funny insurance claims. Some of them scream fraudulent insurance claims, but they are not. One driver said that he couldn’t blow the horn to warn the other cars that he had no breaks because the horn was stolen. What happened to the breaks? Also stolen. elephant insurance claims are riddled with amazing stories. In order to avoid a collision, a funny insurance claims indicated that the driver stepped on the gas and crashed into another car. Doh! So you crashed into another car in order to avoid crashing into the one in front of you? Sounds fake, but it happens all of the time. Insurance fraud has been around as long as insurance agencies. So figuring out which ones

Minton Insurance and Financial Services in San Luis Obispo California

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How fraudulent insurance claims hurt everyone

Some people may believe that getting away with funny insurance claims does not have a harmful effect on anyone, and only has the end result of saving themselves a few bucks. The truth of the matter is that fraudulent insurance claims can have a terrible effect on the entire insurance industry, as well as their customers. Some people may not be deterred from the idea of passing fraudulent insurance claims until they come to understand just how terrible and costly they can be to the average individual. One of the most obvious results of fraudulent insurance claims is that premiums for everyone inevitably go up. When a fraudulent claim is processed and discovered, it costs a lot of time to undo. Fraudulent insurance claims cost the insurance industry billions of dollars each year, and unfortunately for everyone, that cost is reflected in their rising premiums. A second way that fraudulent, or elephant insurance claims have a negative effect on everyone is an increase in the cost of consumer goods. Companies that lose money because of fraud increase the prices in their products or services to make up the difference. False insurance claims also can tie up the court system and