Updated 2/23/21

Filing for a fraudulent insurance claim leads to a burden for both the companies and other customers. Once one gets away with claims, the premiums increase. Done to cover the claims and the companies tend to lose billions each year.

Auto accident attorney
Accidents are unexpected and happen at times when no one is ready. Hiring an auto accident attorney is always the best option at hand when one has been in an accident. Sometimes it is not advisable to hire an attorney. If one is not hurt or does not want payment for the losses that happen an attorney is not necessary.

Car accident inspection
Car insurance inspectors tend to look and verify if the claim made is true. They inspect if the damage matches the description. Most insurance companies do inspections to avoid paying for the damages. They look for anything to go against one’s claim. The inspectors reconstruct the accidents to find any false claims.

Some people may believe that getting away with funny insurance claims does not have a harmful effect on anyone, and only has the end result of saving themselves a few bucks. The truth of the matter is that fraudulent insurance claims can have a terrible effect on the entire insurance industry, as well as their customers. Some people may not be deterred from the idea of passing fraudulent insurance claims until they come to understand just how terrible and costly they can be to the average individual.

One of the most obvious results of fraudulent insurance claims is that premiums for everyone inevitably go up. When a fraudulent claim is processed and discovered, it costs a lot of time to undo. Fraudulent insurance claims cost the insurance industry billions of dollars each year, and unfortunately for everyone, that cost is reflected in their rising premiums.

A second way that fraudulent, or elephant insurance claims have a negative effect on everyone is an increase in the cost of consumer goods. Companies that lose money because of fraud increase the prices in their products or services to make up the difference. False insurance claims also can tie up the court system and increase the cost of litigation for everyone. Insurance companies that fight fraudulent insurance claims clog the schedules of attorneys and judges that would be better served to work on cases that are already on their docket.

Finally, fraudulent insurance claims are one of the main reasons for the increased cost of healthcare and welfare. That cost is passed along to the American people in the form of higher taxes. Many people who try to get away with fraudulent insurance claims may have no idea that they are hurting so many people. The unfortunate truth is that fraud is very real, and very harmful. The sooner it is eliminated, the easier it will be for everyone.

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