Funny insurance claims

I’m guessing you know what I mean by funny insurance claims. These aren’t “hilarious” insurance claims, but instead refers to fraudulent insurance claims. These are actually very common in the realm of auto insurance, and the penalties for submitting funny insurance claims are quite serious.

So what are some common types of funny insurance claims? One typical instance of false insurance claims is exaggerated reports of damage or injury. Some people who try to file funny insurance claims will increase or invent the amount they were charged for medical expenses, or acquire a misleading statement of damage to their vehicle. Avoiding these funny insurance claims is why insurance companies always want thorough documentation of this kind of damage.

False reports of theft are another case of funny insurance claims. And some people will even go so far as to get into a collision intentionally in hopes of collecting insurance moneys. This is called “hard” insurance fraud, and is the case in which there can be really extreme penalties. It includes any situation where the filer has deliberately constructed a situation where they would theoretically be owed by their company.

There are a few ways insurance agents can spot these sorts of funny insurance claims. They’ll be alert to “personal injury mills,” disreputable firms who have a confirmed history of representing clients with questionably legitimate injury claims. They will also comb your paperwork for a checklist of “suspicious loss indicators,” areas where it appears you may have altered or invented the details of your claim. And they may even go so far as to hire a private investigator who can get up close and personal with you and examine your background for further indicators of fraud. If your claim is legitimate, you don’t want to waste time giving your company reason to think you’re trying to pass off funny insurance claims.

You can consult resources like Elephant insurance claims sites for information about the legitimate claims process, and how to file properly. Don’t let your claim get a “funny” reaction from your insurance company!

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