What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?

If you are renting out your home, has anyone talked to you about landlord insurance? A lot of people mistakenly believe that property insurance is enough coverage when they rent their home out, but it is not. Whether it is a condo, a single-family home or a duplex, if you have tenants you need protection. Modern times call for modern insurance solutions. Deciding on insurance is one of the most critical decisions that you can make. It is important that you have an expert on your side to help you make the right insurance decisions like whether you need landlord coverage or not. What is Landlord Insurance? When you hear about real estate insurance if you are like most people property protection comes to mind, but it may not be enough if you are renting out your property. For example, if you leave a lawnmower at the property for the tenant to use to keep up on the yard work and there is an injury you may not be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. If a tenant is injured on the property and you do not have the right insurance coverage you could be facing a great deal of expense

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An Interview with Chans Weber of Insurance Fishing

Insurance Fishing is a Missouri company focused on pairing customers who need insurance with quality local agents. We sat down with Chans Weber, the company’s owner, to talk about his unique idea and the experience of turning it into a reality. Mr. Weber, you operate a pretty unique business. What gave you the idea to open Insurance Fishing? The process of finding a good, local insurance agent can be challenging. We wanted to develop a way for the end consumer to get in touch with local, credible agents without going through the hassle of having to call them all individually. That sounds very helpful! Is your business where you were hoping it would be at this point? We are definitely ahead of schedule, but like with any business, there are challenging days. Our goal is to have credible insurance agents from coast to coast that we can put directly in touch with consumers in their geographic markets. How fast do you anticipate that you’ll be able to meet that goal? Our obvious hope is to continue to grow at the rapid rate at which we currently are. We feel as though we could be a nationwide brand within five years.

Do not make funny insurance claims

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, or there has been a break in at your house, or any other possible tragedy for which you may have an insurance policy, you should make sure that you do not make funny insurance claims. Making funny insurance claims is a sure way to invite legal trouble, and lose the insurance policy that you have taken out. Making false insurance claims is against the law, and insurance companies have many professional claims investigators working for them that are responsible for making sure that your claim is not one of the many funny insurance claims that they receive. If you have not made fraudulent insurance claims, but you are not getting the results that you want from your insurance company, then you may want to consider switching to another insurance company. Elephant insurance claims are simple and easy to go through, and they offer great customer service, so, if you are thinking of switching to a new insurance company, you should check out the Elephant insurance claims process and see if it looks appealing to you. Reading about some of the funny insurance claims that other people tried to make is

Getting Great Long Term Care Quotes From Companies

Long term care insurance is important for anyone that may need to get long term care as a result of an ailment or injury. If you are trying to find long term care quotes that are competitive for Ltc insurance, compare several different organizations so that you can get a great price on this care. The more businesses you consider, the more competitive your long term care quotes will be. Long term care insurance is especially important for people that are getting older and want to ensure they are protected if they suffer an accident that requires them to have long term care. Insurance companies will talk to you about what type of care they can offer and what their rates are for this care. Look for a dependable insurance company and you can get good insurance for long term care needs at a price that you feel comfortable paying.