Insurance Fishing is a Missouri company focused on pairing customers who need insurance with quality local agents. We sat down with Chans Weber, the company’s owner, to talk about his unique idea and the experience of turning it into a reality.

Mr. Weber, you operate a pretty unique business. What gave you the idea to open Insurance Fishing?

The process of finding a good, local insurance agent can be challenging. We wanted to develop a way for the end consumer to get in touch with local, credible agents without going through the hassle of having to call them all individually.

That sounds very helpful! Is your business where you were hoping it would be at this point?

We are definitely ahead of schedule, but like with any business, there are challenging days. Our goal is to have credible insurance agents from coast to coast that we can put directly in touch with consumers in their geographic markets.

How fast do you anticipate that you’ll be able to meet that goal?

Our obvious hope is to continue to grow at the rapid rate at which we currently are. We feel as though we could be a nationwide brand within five years.

Wow! Best of luck working to meet that goal! Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs interested in turning their ideas into realities?

It sounds cliché, but believe in what you’re doing, and surround yourself with smart people. I bounce ideas off of others on a daily basis.

Insurance Fishing is located at 1535 S. 8th Street in St. Louis, MO. For more information about the services the company offers, visit

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