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An Interview with Chans Weber of Insurance Fishing

Insurance Fishing is a Missouri company focused on pairing customers who need insurance with quality local agents. We sat down with Chans Weber, the company’s owner, to talk about his unique idea and the experience of turning it into a reality. Mr. Weber, you operate a pretty unique business. What gave you the idea to open Insurance Fishing? The process of finding a good, local insurance agent can be challenging. We wanted to develop a way for the end consumer to get in touch with local, credible agents without going through the hassle of having to call them all individually. That sounds very helpful! Is your business where you were hoping it would be at this point? We are definitely ahead of schedule, but like with any business, there are challenging days. Our goal is to have credible insurance agents from coast to coast that we can put directly in touch with consumers in their geographic markets. How fast do you anticipate that you’ll be able to meet that goal? Our obvious hope is to continue to grow at the rapid rate at which we currently are. We feel as though we could be a nationwide brand within five years.

Is It Time for You To Buy Insurance? Do You Know How?

While you are trolling the internet, searching for home insurance tips, you should look for tips for other types of insurance as well. Insurance is not easy to understand. But the more you learn, the better prepared you are when you need to buy. Home Insurance Tips Home insurance is no luxury, but a necessity. Most banks will not consider you unless you have some homeowners insurance set up. The most important of home insurance tips is that you find the best value from the start if you want to save money. It is not like you can put it off to find the right deal. Auto Insurance Tips Like home insurance, car insurance is required. As such, shop around. There is a lot of coverage with car insurance, so knowing the values that you need ahead of

How to Find the Best Auto Insurance Rates

According to recent statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, there are more than 210 million licensed drivers in the United States. Each of these drivers makes use of different cars and different driving styles. However, one thing each and everyone of them, yourself included, have in common is the need to have full coverage auto insurance. Every state may have different considerations for auto insurance, but the fact remains that all drivers need to maintain insurance coverage at all times. This ensures not only their own protection but that of everyone else on the road. Consider, in 2012, there were over 25,000 fat