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No One Wins When Elephant Insurance Claims Are Filed

Elephant insurance claims are generally known by their more explanatory names, which are fraudulent insurance claims or false insurance claims. These kinds of claims cost insurance companies and others millions of dollars per year in extra work, not to mention the time that is lost investigating these elephant insurance claims. This is why these claims should be avoided at all costs by consumers, even those who feel that they will get away with any kind of funny insurance claims they file. These elephant insurance claims hurt more than insurance companies, though they are the ones that are mostly impacted by these claims. When a false claim is filed, an employee in the claims department of any insurance company will have to engage in a formal investigation to ensure this claim is valid. This normally is done with all claims to ensure their validity, but when something fishy or funny shows up a claims investigator has to literally drop everything and focus on that claim to make sure it does not go any further in the claims process. This impacts not only the employee but also the company as a whole, which now has to potentially raise its rates or cut

Why You Should Never File False Claims

Have you ever secretly worried about filing false insurance claims sometime down the road because of whatever financial situation you are in? There are reasons why you should never do something like that, and not just because your pants would burst into flames. Fraudulent insurance claims are not as rare as you may think. People try to file for crazy things all the time, even faking accidents, just to get more money. For as common as they are however, there are just as many ways to figure out if someone is telling the truth, or if they are just a desperate liar. A person who files elephant insurance claims brings to mind perhaps a circus trainer or a zookeeper? What about someone who has never even seen an elephant? It has probably happened, and maybe the person has even succeeded. Funny insurance claims usually have at least a small percentage of being valid, but even so, ways to prevent someone who is lying is necessary. One of these ways is by completing checks on all the claims someone has filed for in their life. If there are multiple claims and none of them are for an elephant, that may be

How to Spot a False Insurance Claim

Insurance fraud is a serious problem in the United States, and as these crimes continue to grow in number, so does the creativity and complexity of the scenarios plotted by criminals. You may be completely caught of guard one day as you are sucked into the middle of a planned insurance fraud claim. These elephant insurance claims are costing Americans billions of dollars each year, and while false insurance claims are pervasive throughout the nation, they are being monitored and caught by insurers. How can insurers thwart fraudulent insurance claims? They can take a look at your claims history and determine if you have filed a lot of losses over your lifetime, which can often be a leading tip. A list created by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) consists of 23 suspicious loss indicators” and can be used to spot false insurance claims. Hiring private investigators is sometimes necessary to uncover the truth about funny insurance claims. Another way to detect false insurance claims is if they involve vehicle crashes that result in fabricated or embellished injuries. You may be part of the scam and not even know it because health professionals may state that you have a bogus