Benefits of employees

In Canada, healthcare is important for all citizens. There are many employee benefits services, in addition to government resources as a result of the Canadian Health Act (CHA), available to help with your company’s healthcare needs. Here is some information on employee benefit solutions and health plans in Canada.

Ninety-eight percent of Canadian companies are small businesses that have between two and 100 employees. Of those small businesses, 72% of their owners are concerned with the cost of healthcare plans per employee. Fortunately, healthcare in Canada tends to be low-cost. Basic healthcare typically has no deductible, and co-pays are either very low or non-existent. As such, employee health insurance plans need to have as low of a cost as possible in order to pass the savings onto those group benefits members.

What else is covered? The Canadian Health Act’s definition of insured services, for historical reasons, limits covered healthcare under benefits to that care which is delivered by hospitals or physicians. Still, this covers most services for Canadian citizens. Employee benefit solutions also offer coverage for typical procedures like doctors visits and check-ups, and also services such as medical surgery, dental surgery, and laboratory tests, and even covers psychotherapy performed in clinics and doctors’ offices.

Employers searching for an employee benefit solutions program should make sure that they are aware of these areas of coverage and look for the best program for their employees’ needs. Many systems are available, so make sure to choose one that is easy and efficient. Remember: healthy employees are happy employees, and the best businesses need to be the most efficient by helping employees recover from illness and injury as soon as possible!

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