Life and health insurance license

Choosing a career in the world of insurance is a great choice for a number of reasons — with relatively little post-secondary education requirements, you can start a lucrative, exciting career path straight out of high school.

However, since a health insurance agent — or any type of insurance agent — doesn’t usually require an undergraduate degree, it can be tough to know what steps you should take to make sure you can enter this career field and get a job.

Thinking that a career as an independent insurance agent is right for you? If so, these are the steps you’ll need to follow to become one:

Fulfill your state’s insurance agent license requirements

Before you can apply for a job as an insurance agent, you will need to earn your insurance agent license by completing a 25-50 hour insurance agent training course and passing the state insurance agent exam. Having a bachelor’s degree in business or another related major may also be beneficial, but it’s not necessary at many insurance companies.

Begin applying to jobs

Once you complete your insurance agent license, you can begin applying for jobs at insurance companies. Be sure to display your driven, entrepreneurial spirit in your resume, as well as your ability to take initiative. Insurance companies will be looking for all of these traits among their applicants.

Begin your career as an insurance agent

Once an insurance company hires you, you can start on your career as an insurance agent. While working as an insurance agent is a lot of hard work and can sometimes be challenging, the rewards are endless. It’s an in-demand, thriving and exciting job field that will always be around!

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