Fraudulent insurance claims

Funny insurance claims are really not funny at all. Each year fraudulent insurance claims have cost Americans countless thousands, if not millions of dollars. We all have to pay higher insurance premiums when people turn in funny insurance claims. So what are funny insurance claims anyway? These are false insurance claims that people think of in order to get paid money from an insurance company that they are really not owed. One example of this would be reporting to the insurance company that your car was stolen or vandalized when it really wasn’t.

The things that people think of to defraud an insurance company can really be amazing. In fact, some people have even gone so far as to pay a friend to steal their car and then abandon it so they can report it as stolen. You usually find these cars sitting along side some abandoned road after they have been torched. Now why would anyone do this you ask? The main reason is that the owner owes money on the car and they just want to get out from under the loan. Perhaps the car needs repairs that are too expensive. Lots of people turn in elephant insurance claims for this reason.

People have been known to turn in funny insurance claims when a disaster hits too. Say you live in a disaster area but your home really isn’t damaged that badly. You have needed a new roof for a long time though, so you turn in a claim for roof damage that occurred during a bad storm. What is stated on the claim for is totally untrue. This is just one example of funny insurance claims that people have done before. Homeowners should be wary of unethical contractors that will try to get them to turn in funny insurance claims as well. Funny insurance claims are the main reason why insurance companies have insurance investigators working for them. They have to weed out the funny insurance claims from the legitimate insurance claims. Find out more about funny insurance claims by searching this subject online.

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