Fraudulent insurance claims

Sometimes the news tells us about funny insurance claims. Sometimes, the car ahead was a bit more stationary than was thought, or the police pulled the car over, to the other lane. There are plenty of fraudulent insurance claims in the world, and there will probably be more and more fraudulent insurance claims to come. But at elephant insurance claims, there is nothing funny about an accident. It is for that reason that honest customers can rely on companies like elephant, whether or not their claims are funny.

No insurance company will recognize false insurance claims or fraudulent insurance claims. But nonetheless if someone has a claim to make, they will be heard. Whether or not a filer is filing funny insurance claims, it is worth being heard. That does not mean that you should let the dog drive the car or wonder whether or not speed limits apply after midnight. To clear up any confusion, yes they still do apply. But everyone deserves to have their rights enforced to the fullest extent of the law and their responsibility. You may not be the first to have a somewhat odd insurance claim, but elephant insurance claims takes all kinds, from the complicated to the pedestrian.

Because an insurance claim is one of the funny insurance claims, do not be afraid to bring it in. Elephant insurance claims have seen all kinds. Fraudulent insurance claims are nothing new but no insurance claim is particularly new to elephant insurance claims. It is for this reason you should come down and speak with elephant insurance claims whether or not you collided with a stationary truck or you hit a telephone pole while trying to run over a fly.

Come and see elephant insurance claims and, to the fullest extent of your responsibility as a driver and our responsibility as your insurer, we will see to it that you are taken care of.

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