Elephant insurance claims

It may be difficult for anyone to have sympathy for an organization like an insurance company. The reason for this is because a lot of the time, insurance companies are the ones to tell people that they cannot have something. It may be that they do not qualify for coverage on damage to their home, or a medicine that they want is not covered by their medical policy. Either way, it should not be a surprise when people do not feel bad about fraudulent insurance claims.

If they knew a bit more about them however, people might realize that false insurance claims (also referred to as elephant insurance claims or funny insurance claims) are nothing to scoff at. In fact, the high number of fraudulent insurance claims over the years is one of the reasons that so many people get denied these days.

According to a July 31 article on TheInformationDaily.com, the number of fraudulent whiplash insurance claims has continued to grow. The problem has gotten so bad that companies are now being forced local MPs to campaign for a reduction in the period of time that one can file an insurance claims from a driving accident.

The more false claims one files, the more an insurance company has to pay. The more the pay to people who do not need the money, the less there will be left for those who are truly in need. In order to compensate, companies are forced to pay out less overall, limit their plans and impose restrictions.

And what do people do? They commit more fraud, rather than attempting to break the cycle.

Only when people realize that perpetrating fraudulent insurance claims only makes the problem worse will things start to get better. Since feeling sorry for huge corporations may be difficult, thinking about it in terms of ones own self interest may be a better motivator. No one wants to be left up the creek without a paddle, which is exactly what might happen to many if a selfish few continue to defraud everyone else.

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