Funny insurance claims

Are you thinking about filing an insurance claim that is fudged a bit or that is entirely false in nature? Think again. Before you consider how getting a few extra bucks from an insurance provider by filing a false claim can help you to pay bills or handle any other necessary expenses, think of what will happen should you get caught. Below, four ways in which fraudulent insurance claims lead to problems are detailed to virtually talk you out of filing a bad claim.

One, fraudulent insurance claims are punishable by fines and potentially imprisonment if your false claim took it beyond normal levels and into more illegal territory. There are full time employees working at these insurance companies whose sole responsibility is to sniff out these fraudulent insurance claims, so think twice before filing such a claim, even if to the naked eye everything seems kosher. You avoid jail time and hefty fines, which is the complete opposite of getting reimbursed and getting away with it.

Two, fraudulent insurance claims stay on your permanent record if you get caught, so think about that before you decide to file any funny insurance claims. You get flagged even for having something out of the ordinary, so even if your claim is not falsified or fraudulent in any way but instead has some questions attached to it someone at the insurance company is going to dig deeper. What he finds could spell trouble for you whether you have filed a false claim or not.

Three, fraudulent insurance claims cost money to more than just the insurance company in question. There are millions of insured people on the policies of any given insurance provider, and by filing elephant insurance claims you are indirectly costing these people more in their own insurance payments. The more time that is spent investigating these false insurance claims, the more money is used to handle this task. This cost trickles down even to you as a covered individual, so think of how everyone besides you and the insurance company will be impacted.

Four, fraudulent insurance claims can affect your medical provider. Say you file a claim and then it is investigated. This means your provider is contacted, which takes time away from his job of helping people. He may even get into trouble for simply being listed on your falsified claim. So definitely think twice the next time you want to file a false claim, since it impacts more people than you know.

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