Elephant insurance claims

Have you ever heard of elephant insurance claims? These are the funny insurance claims that turn out to be false. Insurance inspectors have to investigate the so called elephant insurance claims because so many people these days are turning in false insurance claims. People can think of all kinds of reasons to justify turning in fraudulent insurance claims. No matter what their reasoning’s are though, elephant insurance claims can get your into trouble.

Americans have to pay for the cost of billions of dollars each year in elephant insurance claims. We all pay by having to pay higher premiums. They say that turning in elephant insurance claims is the second costliest white collar crime in America. The first is tax evasion. When the economy is down, more elephant insurance claims are turned in too. One reason is people are desperate so they think they can turn in a false claim in order to gain benefits that they don’t really deserve. This is the main reason why insurance companies hire insurance investigators and claims adjusters that really scrutinize each claim for insurance coverage that is turned in.

Various false claims can be turned in. For instance, there are false insurance claims turned in for worker’s comp, auto theft and staged accidents. People turn in elephant insurance claims for arson and even disability. Each insurance claim that is turned in has to be investigated. Insurance companies have to protect themselves from elephant insurance claims. Investigators may follow someone around our secretly be watching to see if they have filed elephant insurance claims. Take the case of someone who claims a back injury in an auto accident and then goes out and lifts bales of hay all day.

Insurance investigators are an important asset when it comes to saving insurance companies tons of money by exposing elephant insurance claims. People who turn in elephant insurance claims tend to get found out and their claim gets denied anyway. On the other hand, insurance companies can play a guilty party in elephant insurance claims too. Some unethical insurance companies will even deny benefits by saying that some insurance claims are false insurance claims. If you have a legitimate claim you may have to hire an attorney if your insurance company denies the claims, saying it is a false insurance claims, when it really isn’t.

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