Criminals stay in jail until their court date unless they can pay a specific fee. Bail is money that is put up by an accused person to buy temporary freedom. The primary function of a bail bondsman is to track an accused person who fails to appear in court. The amount is usually around 10%.

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The agent is usually an independent agent or company representative whose primary function is to track down and apprehend criminals who try to skip bail. These agents provide a surety bond when they are comfortable that a suspect will appear in court. This resource outlines the functions of a bail bondsman and what you need to know.

The function of a bail bondsman is to investigate the criminal’s background and establish if they are a flight risk. This video shows the roles and responsibilities of bail agents and how they fit into the system. The primary function of a bail bondsman is suspect apprehension. If a criminal fails to appear in court, then they owe bail. The agent bares the responsibility of finding and apprehending such a suspect. A lot of due processes and paperwork are involved in this process. The bond placed is meant to ensure the suspect appears in court without fail.


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